Translocation of Crypsis hadjikyriakou to Pashia Livadi, Cyprus

22 November 2017

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Crypsis hadjikyriakou is an endemic annual grass of Cyprus, flowering from July to August and fruiting from August to September. It is confined to a single location at the Almyrolivado area, where it grows in the alkaline fen, at 1650 m altitude. The total population is approximately 550 individuals is distributed in small groups in a very small area of 1000 m². Its habitat lies within the Troodos National Forest Park and comprises an Annex I habita type (6460: Peat grasslands of Troodos) of the habitats directive.

The species is classified as “Critical Endangered” in the Red Data Book of the Flora of Cyprus. The single location of the species is threatened by changes in the hydrological conditions of its habitat, expansion of the competing vegetation and wildfires.

Within the framework of the CARE-MEDIFLORA project, translocation of the species to the nearby Pashia Livadi area was carried out in early October 2017. 

Soil patches with plants were collected from Almyrolivado and were planted at the translocation site.


Species habitat (left picture), distribution map of the species (central), Crypsis hadjikyriakou plants (right picture).



In situ conservations actions for Crypsis hadjikyriakou by removing a patch of soil with plants (left and central picture) from Almyrolivado, transplanting and marking the plants at Pashia Livadi (right picture).

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