In situ conservation actions for Maresia nana var. glabra at Gialia area, Cyprus

29 January 2018

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Maresia nana var. glabra is an annual herb, flowering from March to April and fruiting from April to May. The variety is endemic to Cyprus, confined to the coastal zone between Polis Chrysochous and Agia Marina (Gialia area), near sea level. Total population size is about 80 to 100 individuals. The taxon is classified as “Critically Endangered” in the Red Data Book of the Flora of Cyprus. The main threats are the invasion of Acacia saligna and the clearance works on the beach.
Within the framework of the CARE-MEDIFLORA project, the invasive species Acacia saligna was controlled using herbicides in October 2017 and a follow-up will take place in early spring of 2018. In addition, two hundred seeds were sown in November 2017 to reinforce its population. Furthermore, fifteen plants are grown in the greenhouse, which will be planted just before the initiation of seed shedding.

Sowing of Maresia nana var. glabra seeds at Gialia area.

Control of invasive species Acacia saligna with herbicides.

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