In situ conservation action for Linum maritimum in Mallorca

22 November 2017

Thumb linum maritimum cartell in situ

CARE-MEDIFLORA partner in the Balearic Islands, the Sóller Botanic Garden (JBS), is carrying out a reintroduction of the population of Linum maritimum L., with the support of the Albufera Natural Park (PNA)and the collaboration of Hotel Parc Natural & Spa in a protected area in s’Albufera d’Alcudia (Mallorca).

Linum maritimum L. is a perennial herb that grows in humid and slightly saline soils, from 0 to 10 metres above sea level, in the Mediterranean region, from South Europe to North Africa. It is present in some islands such as Mallorca, Corsica, Sardinia and Cyprus.

In the Balearic Islands, it was recorded only at one location in s’Albufera d’Alcúdia, north of Mallorca. Recently, the only population of the species has not been found, probably due to the sensitivity of its habitat.

The in situ action for Linum maritimum consists in a reintroduction of the population in s'Albufera d’Alcúdia, in order to recover the populations in their habitat. After cleaning the area, the reintroduction was carried out with plants germinated from seeds collected 20 years ago and conserved in the JBS seed bank.

During the summer, the monitoring was carried out more frequently to ensure the survival of the new plants.

The latest data indicates an 87% survival rate. It is planned to carry out a second reintroduction to make sure the reintroduction is a success.


JBS Seed Bank and seedlings germinated in the JBS



Images of the area where the reinforcement is being carried out and the information panel for the in situ conservation action


First flowering of the reintroduced plants

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