In situ conservation action for Astragalus gennarii, Sardinia

19 March 2018

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Astragalus gennarii Bacch. & Brullo (Fabaceae) is a dwarf shrub forming a dense, compact, spiny cushion, 20-80 cm tall. It is an orophilous species, which grows on Mesozoic limestones, at an altitude of 800-1055 m a.s.l. The flowering occurs from May to June and the fruiting from June to July (Bacchetta and Brullo, 2006).

A. gennarii is a narrow endemic plant growing in a single population located in Punta Turuddò (Monte Albo, Lula, NU) and consists of ca. 40-45 mature plants. Due to the low number of reproductive individuals and for its narrow distribution, the species was catalogued as Critically Endangered (CR) at global and regional level (Cogoni et al., 2014).

Within the framework of the CARE-MEDIFLORA project, the species translocation was planned in 2016. All preparatory activities (e.g. site management actions and fence erection) were started in April 2017, however, due to the adverse weather conditions, the translocation was postponed. In early March 2018, all plants (ca. 350 individuals) ex situ multiplied in the Fo.Re.S.T.A.S nursery, were successful transplanting in the selected site, near the extant population. This operation involved the HBK team with the strong support of the agents of the public administration “Agenzia Fo.Re.S.T.A.S” (Agenzia Forestale Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Territorio e l'Ambiente della Sardegna, Autonomous Region of Sardinia). At the same time, the HBK staff started the monitoring activities.


Transplanting of Astragalus gennarii plants by Fo.Re.S.T.A.S staff

Introduced plants of Astragalus gennarii

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Cogoni, D., Fenu, G., Porceddu, M., Bacchetta, G. 2014. Schede per una Lista Rossa della Flora vascolare e crittogamica Italiana. Astragalus gennarii Bacch. et Brullo. Informatore Botanico Italiano, 46: 93-152.


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