CARE-MEDIFLORA team meet in Crete, 18-20 September 2017

02 October 2017

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The CARE-MEDIFLORA team meet for their project meeting and joint field trip in Crete. The 1st day is devoted to discussions on the progress of the project actions.

On 19 September they visit Elaphonisi and Palaiochora in the Region of Chania. First stop is at Elaphonisi where CARE-MEDIFLORA in situ actions are being implemented for 4 threatened plant species: Androcymbium rechingeri, Bellevalia brevipedicellata, Limonium elaphonisicum and Viola scorpiuroides. Next stop is at  Palaeochora to see the unique population of Bolanthus creutzburgii subsp. zaffranii, another threatened plant species for which an in situ action is planned.

The next day, 20 September, the team visit the mountain of Psiloritis, Region of Rethymno, where they see the in situ actions for the threatened species Horstrissea dolinicola. And finally, they are also fortunate to see Prospero idaeum in flowering at the Nida Plateau.

Reinforcement action for Androcymbium rechingeri (planting and fencing) at Elafonisi, with the contibution of the Municipality of Kantanou-Selinou (Photo: MAICh).


Horstrissea dolinicola in flowering (photo: MAICh).


Searching for Prospero idaeum at the Nida Plateau of Psiloritis (photo: MAICh).



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