CARE-MEDIFLORA publishes case studies in new book of IUCN SSC Conservation Translocation Specialist Group

04 March 2021

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CARE-MEDIFLORA partners share their experiences from the project in situ conservation actions in the new book of the IUCN SSC Conservation Translocation Specialist Group (CTSG): “Global conservation translocation perspectives: 2021. Case studies from around the globe”.



See in this book the following case studies from the CARE-MEDIFLORA actions:

  • Fenu G., Pinna M. S., Cogoni D., Lombraña A. C., Fois M. & Bacchetta G. 2021. Translocation of gennari milkvetch on Mt. Albo, Lula, Central-Eastern Sardinia, Italy. Pp. 283-287.
  • Vicens M. 2021. Reintroduction and conservation introduction of the sea flax in Mallorca, Spain. Pp. 288-292.
  • Piazza C., Paradis G., Avignon C. & Hugot L. 2021. Conservation introduction actions: difficulties encountered with Anchusa crispa Viv. subsp. crispa – a threatened subspecies in Corsica, France. Pp. 293-297.
  • Fournaraki C., Gotsiou P., Markaki E., Kokkinaki A., Kargiolaki H. & Maria E.-A. 2021. Horstrissea dolinicola: a steno-endemic, threatened plant on Mt. Ida (Psiloritis), Crete, Greece. Pp. 298-302.
  • Giusso del Galdo G. P., Blandino C. Ranno V. & Sciandrello S. 2021. Translocation of Dianthus rupicola Biv. subsp. rupicola in the Nature Reserve “Isola Lachea e Faraglioni dei Ciclopi”, Sicily, Italy. Pp. 303-307.

Photo: In situ conservation action for Linum maritimum in Mallorca

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