CARE-MEDIFLORA information day at Anogeia, Crete, 30 November 2018

11 December 2018

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The CARE-MEDIFLORA team in Crete held an environmental information day about the CARE-MEDIFLORA actions in Crete with a particular focus on the conservation actions for Horstrissea dolinicola in the locality Petradolakia, Municipality of Anogeia, Psiloritis mountain, in view of the preparations under way for the creation of a Plant Micro-Reserve in the area.

The event was co-organised with the Municipality of Anogeia and the Environmental Education Centre of Anogeia. It took place at the Primary School of Anogeia and the participants included over 150 primary and secondary students of the area, teachers, scientists, representatives of the Municipality, the Environmental Education Centre, the Forest Directorate of Rethymno and the Decentralised Administration of Crete, as well as other local stakeholders.

Presentations were made about the special geology of Psiloritis mountain and in particular the locality “Petradolakia”, the local environmental programme of the Environmental Education Centre of Anogeia, the CARE-MEDIFLORA actions for Horstrissea dolinicola, the concept of Plant Micro-Reserves in Crete and the legal status for their protection, and the CARE-MEDIFLORA project and its overall actions in Crete.

Horstrissea dolinicola Plant Micro-Reserve T-shirts and leaflets had been distributed to all the students of the Municipality prior to the event. Teachers and students have become familiar with the species and have undertaken to create its common name!

Poster (in GR)
Programme (in GR)

Audience and presentation of CARE-MEDIFLORA project

Group photo

Photo of H. dolinicola flower and photo of T-shirt distributed to students

Download: Plant Micro-Reserve leaflet (in GR)


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