CARE-MEDIFLORA actions presented at the Balearic Islands

11 December 2018

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The “VII Environment Congress of the Balearic Island”, organized by the Society of Natural History of the Balearic Islands, took place at the University of the Balearic Islands, 28-30 November 2018. The CARE-MEDIFLORA team in the Balearic Islands participated with a talk entitled “In situ conservation activities on threatened plant species in Balearic Islands: the CARE-MEDIFLORA project”. In this talk they presented the different in situ actions implemented by the Soller Botanic Garden, focusing on the current status of each of them, a few months remaining to finish the CARE-MEDIFLORA project.

See below the abstract that appeared in the book of the congress:
While in situ conservation is the fundamental approach to biodiversity conservation, ex situ conservation is an alternative and effective way to prevent immediate extinction. The CARE-MEDIFLORA project, implemented by institutions all having a long experience in plant conservation in the Mediterranean basin, is making a step forward by using ex situ collections (seed banks and living plant collections) to experiment with in situ active management actions during the project time of three years. In the Balearic Islands case, the Sóller Botanic Garden is playing an important role with his almost 30 years old ex situ collections and with the legal authorities’ collaboration. In the present work, nine pilot experiences with endangered species from the Balearics, and the preliminar conclusions just before a few months to finish the project are presented (Cephaloceraton histrix (Bory & Durieu) Gennari, Dorycnium fulgurans (Porta) Lassen, Limonium pseudodictyocladum L.Llorens, Linum maritimum L., Myosurus minimus L., Ononis crispa L., Ononis zschackei F.Herm., Primula vulgaris subsp. balearica (Willk.) W.W.Sm. & Forrest, Ranunculus bullatus L.).

Jaume Seguí during the talk in the “VII Environment Congress of the Balearic Islands” and example of the results presented in the congress.


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