CARE-MEDIFLORA team meet in Mallorca, 15-17 May 2018

18 June 2018

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The project team met in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, from 15 to 17 May 2018. This was the 5th project meeting and field trip, hosted by Sóller Botanic Garden, following those in Corsica, Cyprus, Sicily and Crete. One last such meeting and field trip will take place in Sardinia in September 2018. All the meetings are intended for the CARE-MEDIFLORA partners to share their experiences and knowledge on the in situ and ex situ conservation actions taking place on each of the six project islands. 

In Mallorca, the 1st day was devoted to discussions on the progress of the project actions. The meeting took place at the Conference Centre Cooperativa Agrícola San Bartomeu, Sóller, and included a visit to Ecovinyassa, an organic orchard of local orange tree varieties. The other 2 days were devoted to the field trip.

On the 2nd day the team visited S’Albufera Natural Park in Alcudia, a coastal lagoon and dunes habitat, where they were toured in the park and saw the in situ actions implemented for Linum maritimum (reintroduction and a new introduction). On the same day they visited the reinforced populations of Ononis zschackei in Escorca.

On the 3rd day the team visited the Sóller Botanic Garden and Lluchmajor to see the in situ actions implemented for Myosurus minimus.

Left: Visit to S’Albufera Natural Park in Alcudia; Right: Site of reintroduction of Linum maritimum

Left: Visit to the reinforced populations of Ononis zschackei in Escorca; Right: In situ action implemented for Myosurus minimus

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